Paikka Drysuits are produced with SilverPlus® technology, which limits air-causing bacteria. This prevents the smell of wet dog and at the same time ensures good hygiene, protection and freshness. Please note that the SilverPlus® effect may diminish after 50 washes.

The 2Go drying suit is the perfect solution for you who often take your dog with you on the go. The lining is highly absorbent microfiber and with a moisture-transporting outer layer, you are also guaranteed quick drying. The drysuit is an exclusive replacement for the traditional towel. With Paikka's 2Go variant, you get a multifunctional drying blanket that can replace both blankets and cooling suits. The Paikka 2Go Drysuit keeps your dog warm especially because it covers the neck and goes far down the thigh, which also helps to optimize drying. If you twist the suit up in water, as soon as the evaporation process begins, it can also be used as a cooling suit, for example on hot summer days.

This dry suit has adjustment options in the neckline, collar, belt and leg straps. Therefore, you can easily adapt it to your dog, which contributes to good comfort and mobility.

  • Produced with SilverPlus® technology
  • Multifunctional drying suit that can both cool and keep your dog warm
  • Highly absorbent microfiber and light, moisture-transporting outer layer, which ensures quick drying
  • Avoid the smell of wet dog
  • Various adjustment options ensure good comfort
  • May be washed at 40°C

Material: Outer, 100% polyester. Lined, 88% polyester and 12% nylon

Choose from the following sizes:

Size Back length Neck measurement Chest measurement
25 25 cm. Max 40 cm. Max 52 cm.
30 30 cm. Max 44 cm. Max 60 cm.
35 35 cm. Max 48 cm. Max 66 cm.
40 40 cm. Max 52 cm. Max 74 cm.
45 45 cm. Max 56 cm. Max 84 cm.
50 50 cm. Max 60 cm. Max 88 cm.
55 55 cm. Max 64 cm. Max 92 cm.
60 60 cm. Max 68 cm. Maximum 100 cm.
65 65 cm. Max 72 cm. Max 106 cm.
70 70 cm. Max 76 cm. Max 112 cm.


Paikka Drysuit 2Go is available in the following sizes:

25 cm - Order approx. 5 days

30 cm - Order approx. 5 days

35 cm - Stock items

40 cm - Stock items

45 cm - Stock items

50 cm - Stock items

55 cm - Stock items

60 cm - Stock items

65 cm - Order approx. 5 days

70 cm - Order approx. 5 days

Paikka Drysuit 2Go, Navy

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