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ZooLac Multi Paste
ZooLac® MULTI PASTE is a paste with the addition of clay minerals and yeast cell fragments to stabilize digestion and balance the bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal system.

Contains, in addition to vinasse, the clay mineral Zeolite (clinoptiolite) and yeast cell fragments, which bind harmful bacteria and their possible toxins, as well as bind water in the intestine.

Used for a better consistency of the stool.
  • ZooLac® MULTI PASTE can be given to ALL animal species.
  • ZooLac® MULTI PASTE is palatable to the animals.


For stabilizing digestion and balancing the bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal system.

In addition to vinasse, ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® contains the clay mineral Zeolite (clinoptiolite) and yeast cell fragments, which bind harmful bacteria and their toxins, as well as bind large amounts of water, so that the intestinal contents become firmer.

5 effects in the same dosage
  • о Binds liquid in the intestine so that the consistency becomes firmer
  • о Binds harmful bacteria and their toxins so that they become harmless.
  • о Supports the growth of the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora so that they outcompete the harmful ones.
  • о Stimulates the animal's immune system in the intestine, so that the animal itself contributes to the fight against harmful bacteria.
  • о Protects the intestinal cells against the attachment of harmful bacteria.

• ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® may be used for all animal species.
• Tasty - the animals like to take it.

How ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® works

Stabilizes digestion ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® stabilizes digestion and balances the bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal system, through cooperation between beneficial bacteria and the animal's own immune system.

Balanced intestinal flora ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® promotes the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria with a well-defined effect. The overall effect is therefore very broad and ensures the unique effect in the animal.

Check fluid loss
- works quickly ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® also contains the clay mineral Zeolite and yeast cell fragments which bind harmful bacteria, toxins from the bacteria and large amounts of water.
Overall, this means that the consistency of the faeces quickly becomes firmer and that further loss of liquid from the animal is slowed down. No development of resistance ZooLac® MULTI PASTE®'s mode of action means that the harmful bacteria cannot develop resistance,

Instructions for use
ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® is administered using the easy-to-use dosing syringe, which forms the product's packaging. Before dispensing, the syringe is set to the desired quantity, which can be seen from the dosage chart.
The measured amount of ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® is placed on the animal's tongue or on top of the feed. The allocation itself is easy, as the animals like ZooLac® MULTI PASTE®.

ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® is stored at normal room temperature. If the product is stored in a refrigerator, it must be brought to room temperature before use.
Natural product ZooLac® MULTI PASTE® is a natural product and cannot be overdosed.

Weight of the animal Dosage
0-10 kg 1 ml
10-25 kg 2 ml
25-50 kg 3 ml
Over 50 kg 5ml

Zoolac Multipaste 60 ml

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