• Arion Original Adult Medium Breed dog food is added with delicious chicken and rice, which can cover the energy needs of a medium-sized adult dog.

    A healthy diet is the best solution for a healthy life, and this applies to both animals and humans. Dogs naturally follow their instinct to consume the food that keeps them healthy. With a pet, however, it is the owner who decides what the menu should consist of.

    Arion Original Adult Medium offers you a dog food with optimal nutrition that takes into account all aspects of the dog's metabolism of sugars and energy. There are carefully selected ingredients in feed from Arion, which are composed according to their nutritious properties, strengthening digestibility and optimal taste experience.

    In short, this dog food is specially formulated to contribute to an optimal enjoyment of life and quality of life.

    A health-promoting salmon oil has also been added to a bag of Arion dog food, so that your dog, through its food, can counteract dull fur and dry skin. Then your best friend can live a dignified dog's life to a greater extent.

    On top of all the benefits, Arion Adult Medium dog food is also gluten-free. This is a natural protein found in the white seed on the ear of corn. If gluten intolerance is suspected, it can unfortunately result in a damaged small intestine and it is not particularly appropriate. We always recommend that you seek your own vet if you are in any doubt.

    Of course, your dog needs all the important vitamins, minerals and energy that can be lost due to digestive problems due to gluten. This results in your dog getting a really bad stomach. Gluten is found in most cereal products such as wheat, rye, barley or oats.

    With a very special composition in Arion's dog food, this dog food can also contribute to optimal joint functions, so that your dog maintains the quality of life and the joy of life.

    Key benefits:

    • Gluten-free dog food
    • Contains the natural, fermentable fibers FOS and MOS, to improve and maintain the intestinal flora and optimal digestion
    • Rich in tasty, high-quality animal protein
    • Balanced amount of vitamins and trace elements
    • Rich in animal protein and animal fat to ensure sufficient essential amino acids as well as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that provide a shiny coat

    Arion Adult Medium is a 100% natural complete food, without artificial flavors and colors and preservatives.


Arion Adult Medium Breed – Chicken & Rice 12 kg

459,00 DKK
Model: 105530
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