ESSENTIAL Contour 3 kg

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ESSENTIAL CONTOUR is our take on a carefully composed whole-food meal for:

Dogs with excess weight or a recurring tendency to be overweight.

Castrated or sterilized dogs , as it is an intervention that affects the requirements for the diet.

The meal is "grain free" and follows our BOF principle. The quality of the ingredients is, as you can & should expect from us, towering.

  1. The ingredients, in short: 78% chicken, duck, salmon, trout and egg.
  2. Particularly suitable for neutered/sterilized dogs and us with a tendency to be overweight.
  3. We love the meal ourselves, because we have combined a real sense of satiety and delicious taste with a solution for special needs.
  4. The kibble in this bag is suitable for dogs up to 10 kg. If you want a larger croquette, simply choose a 12 kg bag.
  5. BOF: 100% yes! With CONTOUR, blood sugar is kept stable. Quite interesting for such a type of meal. Now it's said!
  6. You should choose it because here is an easy and thoughtful way to avoid/reduce excess weight.

Fresh & dried chicken & duck, salmon, trout & eggs 78.0%
Of which fresh 45.0%
Protein 33.0%
Cool 13.0%
- Including omega3 1.4%
- Including omega6 2.2%
Minerals/Crude ash 8.0%
Fiber 4.5%
Water 8.5%
Calcium 1.8%
Phosphorus 1.4%
Glucosamine 0.09%
Chondroitin 0.07%
Kcal/kg 3425