ESSENTIAL Small Size Highland Living 3 kg

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ESSENTIAL HIGHLAND LIVING is a unique grain-free meal (complete food) inspired by the Scottish Highlands. Prepared with plenty of delicious local and regional ingredients such as Norfolk Black turkey, Aberdeen Angus beef, pigeon, partridge, and of course salmon. Adapted to a normal activity level, and suitable as a variation with our other LIVING meals. The meal follows our BOF principle, so that the blood sugar is kept stable while tasting Scotland.

Info: Does not contain chicken or potato

  1. The ingredients, in short: 79% Norfolk Black turkey, salmon, Aberdeen Angus beef, pigeon, partridge, duck and egg.
  2. Especially obvious when you need a little delicious variety of both protein sources and taste experiences in the food bowl.
  3. We love the meal ourselves because it is prepared with an abundance of delicacies such as Aberdeen Angus Beef and Norfolk Black Turkey. Pretty Crazy!
  4. The kibble in this bag is suitable for dogs up to 10 kg. If you want a larger croquette, simply choose a 12 kg bag.
  5. BOF: Absolutely yes! HIGHLAND LIVING keeps blood sugar stable.
  6. You must choose it because it is a sublime meal that offers the best flavors of the Scottish Highlands.

Prepared with fresh & dried Norfolk Black turkey, pigeon/partridge/duck, Aberdeen Angus beef, salmon & eggs 79.0%
Of which fresh 43.0%
Protein 29.0%
Cool 17.0%
- Including omega3 1.8%
- Including omega6 2.6%
Minerals/Crude ash 8.5%
Fiber: 3.5%
Water 8.0%
Calcium 1.6%
Phosphorus 1.2%
Glucosamine 0.09%
Chondroitin 0.07%
Kcal/kg 3620.0