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Royal Canin Dog food Mini Adult 8 kg

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Royal Canin Mini Adult is a complete feed for adult small dogs that have an adult weight of between 4 and 10 kg. The feed is used from the age of 10 months and up to 8 years. It is a tasty feed that whets the appetite of picky dogs thanks to the composition and the selected natural flavourings.

Some dogs, especially among the small breeds, live exclusively in the city and mainly indoors. The risk of obesity in these dogs must be taken particularly seriously. They have little opportunity to use their energy and often the owner is tempted to "indulge" his animal all day long, which can result in nutritional imbalance.

It is estimated that over 35% of all mini dogs are overweight. Royal Canin Mini Adult contributes to maintaining the ideal weight. L-carnitine stimulates the burning of fat deposits. Meets small dogs' great need for energy with a calorie content (4,060 kcal/kg) and a protein level (27%) adapted to the dog's size. As for rewards in the form of feed, they must be abolished, except if they comply with the requirements for the feed and are included in the daily amount of feed.

The dentition in small dogs is more compact than in large dogs, and therefore more bacteria and food residues accumulate, which can form coatings on the tooth surface and lead to plaque. The pellet's design and content of sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine and cystine), omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin A help to prevent this. In addition, the feed contains nutrients and added EPA-DHA, which strengthens the coat's structure and shine.

Since all small dogs are different, the Mini Size Health Nutrition program offers nutritional solutions specially formulated to exactly meet the individual dog's needs.

Important benefits

    • Great palatability - even for the picky little dog
    • Contributes to maintaining the ideal weight
    • Good oral hygiene
    • Healthy skin and shiny coat

Royal Canin Mini Adult provides the right nutrition and maintains your small dog's general well-being.