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Royal Canin Dog food Mini Sterilized 3 kg

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Royal Canin Mini Sterilized is a complete complete food for sterilized/neutered adult dogs over 10 months of small breeds with a tendency to be overweight and weighing up to 10 kg. Royal Canin uses the designation Mini for dogs with an adult weight of between 1 and 10 kg.

Every little dog is unique - respect their differences - such as age, sensitive areas, lifestyle. Since all small dogs are different, the Mini Size Health Nutrition program offers nutritional solutions specially formulated to exactly meet the individual dog's needs.

When dogs are neutered/sterilized there is a risk that they gain weight. This applies both if they are surgically or medically neutralized. The increased risk arises because the dog has a changed hormone level and thus a lower metabolism and an increased appetite. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable feed.

Royal Canin Mini sterilized helps maintain the ideal weight in sterilized/neutered dogs thanks to an appropriate daily amount of food and a formula that combines a high protein content (30%) with a low fat content (13%) and L-carnitine, which promotes fat burning. It helps reduce the feeling of hunger between meals thanks to a filling formula. Borage oil regulates the hormonal balance and contributes to muscle building and loss of fat tissue.

Small dogs often have problems with their teeth. This is partly due to the design of the jaws and partly due to close-fitting teeth. This food helps to slow down the formation of tartar thanks to lime scale binders in calcium.

The feed contains suitable amounts of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids as well as EPA/DHA. This helps to keep the skin healthy and the fur shiny.

Important benefits

    • Food for neutered/sterilized dogs
    • Increased protein content
    • Reduced fat content
    • Borage oil causes loss of fat tissue and builds muscle
    • L-carnitine provides better fat burning
    • Controlled appetite - longer feeling of satiety
    • Omega fatty acids provide healthy skin and shiny fur

Royal Canin Mini Sterilized provides the right nutrition and maintains your dog's general state of health and well-being.