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Brit Care Dental Stick Teeth & Gums - an innovative and carefully developed dog snack that takes care of your dog's dental and gum health in a delicious way. This advanced dental care product has been created with a focus on promoting good oral hygiene and giving your dog a healthy and happy smile.

Brit Care Dental Stick Teeth & Gums is more than just a snack; it is a dedicated solution to combat plaque and gum problems that can affect your dog's well-being. The special texture and shape of the toothpick is designed to help clean the teeth thoroughly, while at the same time massaging the gums and promoting good blood circulation.

Product highlights:

  • Advanced dental and gum care: The special shape and texture work to help remove plaque and promote healthy gums.
  • Delicious reward: Made with a tasty chicken flavor that will delight your dog during the dental care routine.
  • Natural Ingredients: Formulated with carefully selected ingredients that support overall health.
  • Sizes: Available in different sizes to fit different dogs.

Brit Care Dental Stick Teeth & Gums is your dog's new best friend when it comes to dental care. Make brushing an enjoyable and tasty experience for your dog with this advanced dental care product. Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, this toothpick will help maintain healthy oral hygiene and promote a radiant smile.

Care Dental Stick Teeth & Gums - 7 pcs

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By: Brit
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