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Companion Dog Chew Donuts (No rawhide)

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Companion Dog Chew Donuts (No rawhide) - Healthy and delicious treats for your dog

Introducing Companion Dog Chew Donuts (No rawhide), the perfect treats for your dog that combine health and delicious taste. These donuts are specially developed to satisfy your dog's need for chewing material without using traditional rawhides.

Our chewy donuts are made from carefully selected, high quality ingredients to ensure the best nutrition and taste. They are free of rawhides that can be difficult to digest and cause digestive problems in some dogs. Instead, they are made from a blend of natural ingredients and exquisite flavors that will delight your dog's taste buds.

These chewy donuts are not only tasty, but also beneficial for your dog's dental and gum hygiene. The act of chewing that occurs during the gnawing process helps to remove plaque and strengthen the teeth. Your dog's teeth will be clean and healthy, and chewing will also have a natural and calming effect that can relieve stress and anxiety.

We know how important it is to keep your dog's health and well-being in focus. That's why Companion Dog Chew Donuts are formulated without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. You can have full confidence that you are giving your dog a natural and healthy treat that fits their nutritional needs.

Satisfy your dog's chewing needs in a healthy and tasty way with Companion Dog Chew Donuts (No rawhide). Let your dog enjoy this delicious treat, created with consideration for their well-being. With these donuts you can give your dog a nice reward and at the same time be sure that you prioritize their health and happiness.

Size: Ø7 cm, 160g 4pack