Give your beloved dog a special treat with Creamy Dog Ice Cream. This refreshing and delicious treat is specially designed to satisfy your dog's taste buds and create an unforgettable experience. With its creamy texture and fantastic taste, Creamy Dog Ice Cream is the perfect treat to spoil your dog and create moments of joy.

Exquisite flavors:
Creamy dog ice cream offers the flavors Cream and sausage & cheese!

Easy and fun serving:
Serving Creamy Dog Ice Cream is a breeze. This dog ice cream comes in practical portions that make it easy to serve and avoid waste. You can give Creamy Dog Ice Cream straight from the freezer, and your dog will enjoy licking his way through the creamy texture and refreshing taste. It's the perfect way to cool your dog down on hot summer days or as a fun treat any time of the year.

Your dog's happiness is our goal, and Creamy Dog Ice Cream is created with love and care to give your dog an unforgettable taste experience. Treat your best friend today to Creamy Dog Ice Cream and create joy in every bite.

Dr. Zoo dog ice cream, cream

19,00 DKK
Model: H11155
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