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Have you been looking for a grain-free & meaty training treat? 6-8 small training clips in each bar, which are easily broken off. With TURKEY DELIGHT, you can easily have training treats at hand, by keeping a few sticks in your pocket. - & thus you get rid of annoying "treats" in your pocket. The bar can of course also be given whole - perhaps after a successful training session, or just as a small, delicate bedtime snack...

  1. The ingredients, in short: An abundance of beef and turkey!
  2. Particularly suitable for the dog that deserves a reward
  3. Suitable for the walk
  4. We love it ourselves because we get rid of "treats" in our pockets!
  5. BOF: You can count on it!
  6. You must choose it because it is an eminent treat that is easy to handle

List of ingredients: Meat & animal by-products 98%, (of which at least 30% turkey), additives, preservatives, colouring.

ESSENTIAL Turkey Delights 200g

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55,00 DKK
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Model: 3060
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