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Introducing Snack'it Deer Cubes - The Perfect Natural Reward for Your Dog!

Treat your dog to Snack'it Deer Cubes, a delicious and natural snack made from high-quality deer meat. These tasty cubes are ideal as a healthy reward or as an addition to your dog's daily diet.

Snack'it Deer cubes are made from carefully selected and gently dried deer meat. This ensures that all nutrients are preserved, while maintaining the natural taste and texture. Your dog will love the authentic taste of game and enjoy the juicy and tender cubes.

With Snack'it Deer Cubes, you can feel at ease giving your dog a healthy and natural treat. They are free of additives, preservatives and grains, which makes them suitable even for dogs with sensitive digestion or allergies. You can pamper your dog without compromising on its health and well-being.

These deer cubes are also perfect for training sessions or as a reward for good behaviour. Their soft and chew-friendly texture makes them easy to eat and digest, while satisfying your dog's natural chewing instinct.

Give your dog an authentic taste experience and healthy reward with Snack'it Deer Cubes. Watch your dog wag with excitement and enjoyment of these natural and tasty treats.

Order your Snack'it Deer Cubes today and let your dog enjoy a tasty and healthy snack experience. Give your dog the best with natural deer cubes from Snack'it!

Content 100 g

Analysis: protein 54.4%, fat 22.9%, water 8.1%, ash 10.8%, fiber 3.3%
Deer cubes soft are a real treat for all dogs
Supplemental food for dogs
60% meat, , 39% whole butcher body, , 1% glycerin
Analysis: protein 54.4%, fat 22.9%, water 8.1%, ash 10.8%, fiber 3.3%

Snack'it Venison cubes

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