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Bag of 24 Chews.
Size S is suitable for dogs from 7-12 kg.

Perfect as an activation snack! Fill canned food into WHIMZEES Occupy Chews and give the dog a long-lasting activation snack.

WHIMZEES Occupy Chews are specially designed to keep the dog engaged for longer. The rice bone, the antlers and the vegetable ear shapes give the dog a treat that keeps him busy. These chews are made with only natural ingredients that are free of raw hides for a safe and satisfying chewing experience!

  • Long lasting
    WHIMZEES Antler's unique shape was deliberately developed to give dogs a healthy challenge and keep them engaged and chewing longer.
  • Rawhide-free:
    WHIMZEES Antlers are rawhide free and made with a limited number of ingredients.
  • Infused with natural chamomile extract
  • Helps clean the teeth while the dog chews.
  • Made without artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives or GMOs, gluten or meat.
  • Size: 360 g
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29% Off
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WHIMZEES Occupy Chews S

89,00 DKK
125,00 DKK
You save: 36,00 DKK
Model: WH5100360
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