Chewing figures in stick form with edges of completely natural ingredients and color:

  • No artificial ingredients or colors
  • No synthetic flavors, preservatives or GMOs
  • No gluten

High fiber content and low calorie and sugar content

Especially suitable for puppies over 3 months

Especially suitable for pets with allergies (does not contain animal proteins/meat)

Especially good for the teeth:

  • cavities in different sizes, so that the teeth can more easily grasp
  • special buds prevent plaque, tartar and increase blood circulation in the gums
  • grooves have a cleansing effect in crevices between the teeth


Potato starch, glycerin, malt extract, yeast, cellulose powder, lecithin (natural emulsifier from vegetables)

Whimzees Puppy Chew XS/S for small puppies

45,00 DKK
Model: WH0100105
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