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Introducing Kong Belly Flops Lobster - A Sea Fresh And Fun Dog Toy Experience!

Dive into a world of fun and play with the Kong Belly Flops Lobster, the perfect dog toy to add extra fun and excitement to your dog's playtime. This colorful and lively lobster will bring joy and activation to your four-legged friend.

Kong Belly Flops Lobster is created with quality materials and durable design that is designed to withstand the toothy strength of even the most playful dog. The soft but sturdy body makes it easy for your dog to carry, shake and throw the toy around, stimulating both their physical and mental abilities.

With Kong Belly Flops Lobster, your dog gets an interactive play experience. This lobster is designed to float in water, making it perfect for pool games or beach fun. Your dog will love chasing and retrieving the floating lobster and it will bring extra cooling and fun to the hot summer days.

Kong Belly Flops Lobster is not just a fun and interactive toy experience, it is also a quality toy that is built to last. It is made from durable and hard-wearing materials that can withstand intensive play and chewing, making it a reliable choice for even the most energetic dogs.

Treat your dog to Kong Belly Flops Lobster and watch him jump for joy when he gets hold of this sprightly lobster. Create unforgettable moments of play and joy and watch your dog thrive with the interactive stimulation this toy offers.

Order your Kong Belly Flops Lobster today and experience a world of fun and play for your four-legged friend. Make playtime even more exciting and enriching with Kong Belly Flops Lobster!

(Note! We point out that all dog toys can be chewed to pieces)

King Belly Flops Lobster 9x21x28 cm

89,00 DKK
Model: 634.7290
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