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LickiMat Splash - blue 20X6 cm

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Lickimat Splash makes both the dog or the cat eat more slowly.

Both dogs and cats like to lick things and it has a calming effect on them. Lickimat is a rubber mat designed with patterns that make dogs and cats spend extra time licking up the food.

The licking reflex releases endorphins, and this means that the pets become naturally relaxed and tired after spending time on the Lickimat. Therefore, Lickimat can be good for animals that need to relax. At the same time, the animals must constantly decode how to get hold of the food, and this means that Lickimat also prevents boredom.

How do you use LickiMat?

Spread your pet's favorite healthy snack (spreadable) on the surface of the LickiMat, making sure to get well into the corners. If necessary, use the back of a spoon or a plastic/silicone scraper.

This is why LickiMat is good for your pet:

1. Licking things is soothing

2. Entertains your pet with a tasty snack

3. Enjoy a smaller meal without overfeeding

4. Cleans the tongue and promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums

5. Stimulate saliva to aid the digestive system.

6. Lickimat make it easier to pass the time alone.