DOGO by NORTHMATE - The innovative dog food dispenser

Introducing DOGO by NORTHMATE, a revolutionary way to feed your dog. With its unique and smart design, DOGO combines functionality, stimulation and fun for your dog during meals.

DOGO is not just an ordinary dog bowl; it is an interactive dog food dispenser. It is designed with a series of bowls, recesses and maze-like structures that challenge your dog to work for his food. When your dog eats, he needs to use his nose, tongue and paws to dig, rotate and move the food around to get each piece.

This innovative approach to feeding helps prevent gorging and overeating, which can lead to digestive problems and obesity. By turning mealtime into an activity, your dog is stimulated both mentally and physically, which can contribute to increased concentration, better digestion and a happier dog in general.

Make meals a fun and enriching experience for your dog with DOGO by NORTHMATE. Stimulate your dog's natural instincts, encourage slow eating and create a healthy and interactive way of feeding. Choose DOGO and add a new dimension to your dog's meals, while strengthening the bond between you.

DOGO by NORTHMATE is suitable for dogs over 5 kg

Northmate Dogo - Activity toys for dogs

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Model: 10401
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