Introducing Trixie Junior Rabbit with Plush & Teether - the ultimate toy for your small puppy or young dog, combining soft plush and a practical teether!

This cute and colorful rabbit is designed to give your puppy a fantastic play experience. It is made of soft plush that is pleasant to the touch and gentle on your dog's sensitive skin. The rabbit's plush part is perfect for cuddling and love, and its cute appearance will immediately catch your pup's attention.

Trixie Junior Rabbit also has a bite ring attached to the rabbit's body. The teether is made of durable and chew-friendly material that helps soothe your pup's gums as they get their permanent teeth. This combination of plush and teether allows your puppy to explore and satisfy both his need to chew and his playful side.

This toy is also interactive and encourages play and training with your puppy. You can throw the rabbit and let your puppy retrieve it, which helps build the bond between you and stimulates her natural hunting instincts.

Trixie Junior Rabbit with Plush & Bidet is designed with safety in mind. It is free of small parts that can be swallowed and is made of non-toxic materials. You can have full confidence that your puppy can play and chew on this toy without worry.

This cute rabbit is suitable for small dogs and puppies. It is easy to grip and carry around, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. It can also be a comforting sleeping partner for your puppy when it needs extra security and comfort.

Pamper your puppy with the Trixie Junior Rabbit with Plush & Beading and watch her beam with joy and excitement. Let her hug, chew and play with this versatile and fun plush and teether combination that will satisfy her natural instincts and keep her entertained for hours. Order now and experience a world of play and pleasure!

Size: 14 cm

Trixie Junior rabbit with plush & teether

75,00 DKK
Model: TX36163
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