Introducing the Trixie Junior Snuggler in Plush - the ultimate soft and cozy sleeping partner for your little puppy or young dog!

This lovable snuggler is specially designed to offer maximum comfort and security to your pup. It is made of soft and luxurious plush that is pleasant to the touch and gentle on your dog's sensitive skin. The hug part of the Snuggler is filled with soft and padded material that provides a comfortable surface for your puppy to rest and sleep on.

The Trixie Junior Snuggler in Plush has a unique shape that hugs your puppy and provides a feeling of protection and security. It is perfect for alleviating separation and anxiety as it simulates the feeling of being with its mother or pack. Your pup will love to snuggle up in the snuggle and feel safe and relaxed.

This snuggler is not only for sleeping in, it is also a great companion for play and fun. Your puppy can take it with him around the house or have it as his constant companion during pleasant moments. The soft plush and comfortable padding also make it suitable for hugs and love.

Trixie Junior Snuggler in Plush is designed with safety in mind. It is free of small parts that can be swallowed and is made of non-toxic materials. You can have complete confidence that your pup can play and rest on this snuggler without worry.

The snuggler is suitable for small dogs and puppies. It is easy to handle and carry around, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also take it with you on trips or overnight stays to give your puppy a safe and familiar element in new surroundings.

Pamper your pup with the Trixie Junior Snuggler in Plush and watch her fall asleep with a smile. Let her relax, rest and play with this soft and cozy sleeping partner that will add extra comfort and joy to her everyday life. Order now and make your puppy's dreams sweet and pleasant!

Size: 30x30 cm

Comes in assorted colors.

Trixie Junior snuggles in plush

69,00 DKK
Model: TX36162
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