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Package offer on Organic flea and tick treatment products from B&B

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Package offer for Organic flea and tick treatment
products from B&B.

What you get in this unique offer:⤵️
Organic flea shampoo 250 ml
B&B Organic Tick & Flea PetGuard

☑️B&B Organic Flea Shampoo is a mild but extremely effective shampoo for flea and tick-infested dogs. Contains extract of the Neem plant, which in addition to effectively removing fleas/flea eggs and the like. also has a relieving effect on itching in connection with i.a. flea infestation.
This special shampoo ensures that both skin and coat are cared for in depth with its moisture-retaining effect and thus relieves irritated skin. Contains Aloe Vera and caring extracts.

Tip! Use B&B's bamboo wash gloves. Wet the gloves, spread the flea shampoo in the gloves and massage the dog in carefully. Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes. Remove gloves and rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed.

☑️B&B Organic Tick & Flea Pet Guard
Non-toxic and effective skin care, based on natural and organic ingredients.
Can soothe skin problems caused by insects

Spray the entire coat thoroughly, it is especially important that it gets down to the skin and that the product is allowed to dry completely.
Repeat daily until the problem is resolved.
The coat may become slightly stiff when the product dries. Simply brush the fur and it will be back to its original state.

B&B Organic Tick & Flea Pet Guard puts a membrane around the insect's shell. The special herbal mixture can have a deterrent effect on insects.

Should NOT be rinsed out before the treatment has achieved its effect.
Can be repeated as often as needed.
Can be used for dogs, cats and other pets.
500 ml.