Companion Cover for the back seat of the car - Protection and comfort for your dog on car journeys

Introducing the Companion Cover for the back seat of the car, the perfect accessory to ensure your dog's comfort and protection during drives. This cover is designed with smart features to meet both your and your dog's needs.

The cover is made of durable 600D polyester Oxford fabric that resists wear and tear and withstands daily use. The quilted padding adds extra comfort to your dog and provides a soft and comfortable surface. With a size of 187x147 cm, the cover fits most standard rear seats and ensures full coverage.

The non-slip underside of the cover ensures that it stays securely in place without slipping when the car is in motion. You can be confident that your dog will remain comfortable and secure throughout the drive. The collapsible high sides of the cover have several advantages. They protect the inside of the door from scratches, dirt or other damage, while also preventing your dog from jumping out of the car when the door is opened.

A transparent mesh window is built into the cover so your dog can enjoy the view during the drive. It allows them to look and feel more connected to their surroundings without compromising their comfort or safety.

Cleaning the cover is simple thanks to the easy-care material. The polyester Oxford fabric can be easily wiped with a damp cloth or vacuumed to remove hair or dirt. You can keep your car clean and spotless without any hassle.

The cover is also designed with practical features such as a large side section with a zipper and a hanging belt to protect the doors. This prevents scratches, stains or other damage to the doors when your dog jumps in or out of the car. There are also special holes for seat belts, so you can secure your dog safely during the drive.

Give your dog the best travel experience with the Companion Cover for the back seat of the car. Protect your car from scratches, dirt and hair, while ensuring your dog's comfort and safety. With its durable construction, practical features and easy cleaning, the Companion Car Back Seat Cover is the ideal choice to make car journeys more comfortable for you and your dog.

Size: 187x147 cm

Companion Cover for the car's back seat

359,00 DKK
Model: CD302001
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