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Activity pack LickiMat, what do you get?

You get:

1 x KONG Lock It Activation Toy

2 x Companion Chicken Grain Cubes

KONG Lock-it is a small activation toy that you can also easily use to extend your dog's eating time.

The set here consists of three small balls of approx. 5 cm in three different colours. The balls have a hole at one end where you can put food or treats in. At the other end there is a "counterpart" that fits into the hole and which you can then twist / turn so that it is stuck.

The balls are durable and you can put them together or give them to the dog separately. The grooves on each ball clean teeth and gums. We always recommend that you keep an eye while your dog plays with the balls.

Square small chicken treats are usually a sure hit with most dogs.

Delicious chicken in small pieces are really good for everyday comfort and at the dog training ground. They are not greasy at all and are easy to carry in your jacket or trouser pocket. All dogs of all ages, both small and large breeds will enjoy these treats

The Companion Grain Cube is a good bite size, they measure approx. 1 x 1 cm. a size that also fits very well for trick training and for activity toys. The bag is resealable, so they can stay fresh after opening.

Product information
  • Content in the bag 80g.
  • Treat measures approx. 1 x 1 cm.
  • Contents: Chicken 80%, vegetable protein 9%, potato starch 5.5%, vegetable glycerin 3%, sorbitol 2%, salt 0.5%
  • Analysis: Crude protein 26%, crude fat 5.5%, crude fiber 1.5%, crude ash 5.5%, moisture 22%

KONG Lock It Activation Package - S

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