For dogs with a sensitive stomach Prebiotics FOS & MOS, with added fatty acid Butyrate and extra beet fiber to support a healthy gut and digestion. Added MSB (Micro-encapsulated sodium butyrate), a short-chain fatty acid that acts as nourishment for the cells in the intestine. New technology: complex formation of minerals: makes the minerals more easily absorbed by the body.

Eukanuba Daily Care Digestive for dogs with sensitive digestion contains easily digestible rice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The special mixture of prebiotic FOS and MOS, butyrate and beet pulp promotes healthy digestion. Natural sources of omega-6 and -3 promote healthy skin and coat.

The special hexagonal shape of the pellets and the unique DentaDefense help to keep the teeth clean and healthy. Eukanuba Daily Care Digestion for dogs with sensitive digestion contains fresh chicken, which promotes lean and strong muscles. The feed is 100% complete and balanced and is ideal for adult dogs of all breeds.


Dried chicken and turkey (21% contains 13% chicken), rice (21%), maize, sorghum, lard, fresh chicken (4%), dried beet pulp (3.3%), minerals (contains sodium hexametaphosphate 0.38%), fish meal, chicken gravy, dried whole eggs, fructooligosaccharides (0.4%), mannanoligosaccharides (0.14%), brewer's yeast, microencapsulated sodium butyrate (0.1%), linseed.

Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Digestion 2.3 kg

149,00 DKK
Model: EH240230
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