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Brit Care Dental Stick Calm - the perfect combination of dental care and calming properties for your dog. Our goal is to give your four-legged friend a pleasant experience that both promotes good oral hygiene and creates inner peace.

Care Dental Stick Calm is more than just a teeth cleaning snack; it is enriched with natural ingredients that have a calming effect on your dog. The special shape and texture of the toothpick work actively to clean the teeth and massage the gums, while the soothing ingredients help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Product highlights:

  • Calming effect: Enriched with natural ingredients that help create calm and relaxation in your dog.
  • Teeth cleaning properties: Special shape and texture help to remove plaque and maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Delicious taste: Irresistible taste that appeals to your dog's taste buds.
  • Sizes: Available in different sizes to accommodate different dogs.

With Care Dental Stick Calm, you can take steps towards maintaining your dog's dental and gum health while offering them a calming experience. Whether your dog needs dental care or just some quiet time, these dental cleaning snacks will be a valuable addition to their well-being. Make dental care a pleasant and soothing routine with Care Dental Stick Calm.

Brit Care Dental Stick Calm - 7 pcs

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