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A wet food with an ample amount of healthy lamb meat. Works as a complete meal or just a little extra edge in everyday life. It's up to you (and your dog) With a recipe from Sweden and carefully selected ingredients - without unnecessary additives. Just as we think a wet food should be.


100% grain-free alternative. Because many dogs feel good about it. And because many owners ask for it.


High quality nutrition sold exclusively by pet stores. We appreciate their knowledge and selection of quality products. It is something we want to be found in future generations as well (just like Monster).


High quality protein and a source of protein that many pets can tolerate.

Lamb 64% (lung, stomach, heart, meat), sweet potato, carrot, linseed oil, minerals, cranberry, apple, salmon oil.

Additives: White. D3 170 IU, zinc (as zinc sulfate monidate) 15 mg, manganese (as manganese sulfate monohydrate) 3 mg, iodine (as calcium iodide, anhydrous) 0.75 mg.

Water: 76%
Crude protein: 10%
Fat content: 6.5%
Crude fiber: 0.5%
Crude ash: 2.5%

Calorie content (estimated exchangeable energy): 112 kcal/100 g

Monster Single Protein Lamb 400 g

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