By: Rio

RIO food for large parakeets is a mixture of specially selected healthy kernels and seeds, loved by cockatiels, lovebirds and other types of large parakeets. The large selection of ingredients ensures that the birds get all the necessary nutrients.

yellow millet
red millet
canary seed
peeled oats
white sorghum
safflower seeds
sunflower seeds
paddy rice
black millet
Niger seed
healthy seeds
dried rowan berry
dried carrot
calcium gluconate

analytical constituents
protein - 13.9%
fat - 9.5%
fiber - 9.5%
ash - 2.9%

Feeding instructions
The daily ration of RIO food for large parakeets is 20-30 g.
Make sure the bird has enough food and fresh water.
Store in a dry cool place.

RIO Parakeet food 1 kg

39,00 DKK
Model: 460253378346
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