Arion Original Cat Fit 7.5 kg

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Arion Original Cat Fit is a complete maintenance food that ensures optimal physical condition and vitality.

ARION ORIGINAL FIT 32/19 has been specially developed with a view to maintaining an optimal physical condition in cats with a normal activity level and access to the outdoors. With the help of an adapted energy content and the addition of selected natural antioxidants, your cat is well protected during its varying outdoor activities and everyday challenges.

Dental care
The specially developed formula affects the various processes that lead to periodontal disease.

Natural antioxidants
With the help of an adapted energy content and the addition of selected natural antioxidants, the product helps your cat to maintain a good life.

Prevents hairballs
The addition of various fiber sources promotes effective intestinal health and reduces the formation of hairballs, as the swallowed hairs are collected in the intestinal tract and excreted with faeces. ARION Original Fit 32/19 stimulates the passage through the intestine, as the hairs that the cat swallows during grooming are continuously eliminated.

Chicken rice animal fat peas potato dehydrated meat hydrolyzed chicken liver refined cellulose beet pulp sodium chloride dry yeast psyllium fiber fish oil yeast extracts MOS FOS plant extracts

analytical constituents
Protein (%) 32 Animal Protein (%) 80 Fats (%) 19 Ω3 - Fatty acids (%) 0.50 Ω6 - Fatty acids (%) 3.5 Ω6/Ω3 - Ratio (%) 7 EPA + DHA (%) 0 .05 Fiber (%) 1.8 Starch (%) 31.5 Crude ash (%) 7.4 Calcium (%) 1.45 Phosphorus (%) 1.10 Magnesium (%) 0.08

Additives with nutritional properties/kg
A-Vitamin E672 (IU/kg) 22,500 D3-Vitamin E671 (IU/kg) 1,800 E-Vitamin (mg/kg) 150 K-3Vitamin (mg/kg) 2 B1-Vitamin (mg/kg) 16 B2-Vitamin (mg/kg) 28 B5-Vitamin (mg/kg) 120 B6-Vitamin (mg/kg) 12 PP-Vitamin (mg/kg) 64 B12-Vitamin (mg/kg) 240 H-Vitamin (mg/kg) 750 Folic acid (mg/kg) 4 C-Vitamin (mg/kg) 50 Choline (mg/kg) 2,000 β-Carotene (mg/kg) 0.70 β-Glucans (mg/kg) 250 Bentonite (mg/kg) 1,150 Ammonium chloride mg/kg 3,800 L-Carnetine (mg/kg) - Taurine (mg/kg) 3,000 Copper chelate E4 (mg/kg) 12 Iron E1 (mg/kg) 125 Zinc chelate E6 (mg/kg) 130 Manganese E5 (mg /kg) 13.5 Iodine E2 (mg/kg) 2.6 Selenium E8 (mg/kg) 0.28 Metabolic energy (kcal/kg) 4,000 Urine pH 6.1-6.5