Arion Original Cat Sterilized Chicken 7.5 kg

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Arion Original Cat Sterilized Chicken is a complete maintenance food for sterilized/neutered adult cats.

ARION ORIGINAL STERILIZED CHICKEN 33/12 There are great advantages to having your cat sterilized. In addition to avoiding nuisance behavior and unwanted litter, it also protects your cat against a variety of cancers and infections in the reproductive organs.
As neutering brings about hormonal and physiological changes that affect metabolism and activity levels, nutritional needs also change. Sterilized cats have a reduced energy requirement and a reduced activity level, but nevertheless an increased appetite and an increased feed intake are often seen. Studies show that they have a significantly greater risk of becoming obese than intact cats.
ARION Original Sterilized 33/12 combines an adapted energy level with quality protein sources and a well-balanced amount of fiber, ideal for sterilized/neutered cats.

Dental care
The specially developed formula affects the various processes that lead to periodontal disease. Using a multifactorial approach, the oral health problems can be significantly reduced.

Saturation regulation
A selection of natural fibres, i.a. beet pulp and psyllium seeds, promotes the feeling of satiety, regulates the passage through the intestine and prevents hairballs. The cat thus avoids feeling persistent hunger, at the same time as the calorie intake is reduced.

PH Regulation
The controlled content of magnesium and a targeted urine pH of 6.0-6.4 reduce the risk of urinary stones and promote healthy urinary tracts.

Chicken, potato, salmon, rice, peas, chicken fat, rice protein, beet pulp, hydrolysed chicken liver, dehydrated meat, sodium chloride, dry yeast, refined, cellulose, fish oil, yeast extracts, MOS, FOS, plant extracts.

analytical constituents
Protein (%) 33, Animal Protein (%) 71, Fats (%) 12.5, Ω3 - Fatty acids (%) 0.45, Ω6 - Fatty acids (%) 2.30, Ω6/Ω3 - Ratio (%) 5 .11, EPA + DHA (%) 0.18, Fiber (%) 2.5, Starch (%) 31, Crude ash (%) 7.7, Calcium (%) 1.45, Phosphorus (%) 1.15 , Magnesium (%) 0.08

Additives with nutritional properties/kg.
A-Vitamin E672 (IU/kg) 22,500, D3-Vitamin E671 (IU/kg) 1,800, E-Vitamin (mg/kg) 250, K-3Vitamin (mg/kg) 2, B1-Vitamin (mg/kg) 16, B2-Vitamin (mg/kg) 28, B5-Vitamin (mg/kg) 120, B6-Vitamin (mg/kg) 12, PP-Vitamin (mg/kg) 64, B12-Vitamin (mg/kg) 240, H-Vitamin (mg/kg) 750, Folic acid (mg/kg) 4, C-Vitamin (mg/kg) 50, Choline (mg/kg) 2,000, β-Carotene (mg/kg) 0.70, β-Glucans (mg/kg) 250, Bentonite (mg/kg) 1,150, Ammonium chloride mg/kg 4,200, L-Carnetine (mg/kg) 500, Taurine (mg/kg) 3,000, Kobbechelate E4 (mg/kg) 12 , Iron E1 (mg/kg) 125, Zinc chelate E6 (mg/kg) 130, Manganese E5 (mg/kg) 13.5, Iodine E2 (mg/kg) 2.6, Selenium E8 (mg/kg) 0, 28, Metabolic energy (kcal/kg) 3,500, Urine pH 6.0-6.4