Yaki is a protein-rich, low-fat and gluten-free vegetarian, long-lasting snack for dogs based on hard cheese produced by Nepalese according to an original recipe from the Himalayas.

Long chewing time gives pleasure, less stress and prevents plaque and tartar. Always have fresh drinking water available and never leave the dog unattended while it is chewing on the snack.

Yaki is produced in Europe, which means that we have spared nature a long journey from Asia, but in particular also ensures uniformity in the control of the milk and not least ensures animal welfare. The rubber band that binds the tag to the product is specially selected, as it contains 97% natural rubber – the closest a rubber band comes to being completely natural.

When the dog has gnawed and eaten almost the entire piece, you can take the end piece and put it in the microwave at 800-900W for approx. a minute and a half and the play pops up. Remove the popped piece from the microwave and let it cool for a few minutes. You then give it to the dog, who can eat the last of it in peace without the risk of swallowing a hard piece of cheese.

Yaki Chewing gum 60-69g

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