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Mælson Soft Kennel dog cage - 120X77X86 cm

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Introducing the Mælson Soft Kennel transport cage - the ultimate solution for transporting your dog with safety, comfort and convenience. This transport cage is designed to meet both your and your dog's needs during trips and excursions, while providing a safe and cozy experience for your four-legged friend.

Mælson Soft Kennel transport cage combines functionality and durability with a stylish and modern design. The cage frame is made of robust steel and is surrounded by a durable and water-resistant nylon material that protects your dog from wind, weather and shocks during transport. The neutral color and elegant appearance make it a stylish solution for any trip.

Safety is of utmost importance during transport, and the Mælson Soft Kennel transport cage delivers in this area. The cage frame is solid and stable, which ensures that your dog stays safely inside the cage while driving.

The Mælson Soft Kennel transport cage is also practical and easy to use. It is collapsible and can easily be folded down to a compact size when not in use, making it easy to store or transport.

Regardless of whether you are going on a car journey, a flight or just a trip to the vet, the Mælson Soft Kennel transport cage is the ideal choice. It combines safety, comfort and practical functionality for both you and your dog. Give your dog the best possible travel experience with this reliable and stylish carrier.

  • Foldable kennel with tough internal steel construction
  • Three openings, front, top and side, for easy access
  • Extra strong, tightly sewn textile on all openings
  • Roll down curtains on the side and back
  • Safety straps to help secure in the car
  • Waterproof base keeps moisture out when used outdoors
  • Premium quality zippers with complete security lock
  • Reinforced edges to protect furniture and car interiors
  • Washable inner mattress for extra comfort
  • The color is anthracite/black