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Frontline Combo flea remedy 6x0.5ml for cat

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Frontline Combo protects your pets and prevents infection in the home.

It is for dog and cat owners seeking treatment against fleas, ticks and lice as well as prevention of the development of eggs and immature flea stages.

Frontline Combo Vet is the only flea treatment for both dogs and cats that is effective at all stages of the flea's life cycle.

Frontline Combo Vet. is a product for use on the skin against fleas and ticks. The solution contains a combination of an active substance with adulticidal properties, fipronil, and an active substance with ovicidal and larvicidal properties (S)-methoprene. Indications: Treatment against infestations of fleas, ticks and biting lice in dogs and cats as well as infestations of fleas and ticks in ferrets. Protects against new attacks by adult fleas for up to 8 weeks in dogs and 4 weeks in cats and ferrets. Prevents flea reproduction by inhibiting the development of eggs (ovicidal effect) as well as larvae and pupae (larvicidal effect) from eggs laid by adult fleas for up to 8 weeks in dogs and 6 weeks in cats. The effect against ticks lasts up to 4 weeks in dogs and ferrets and 2 weeks in cats. Can be included in the treatment of allergic eczema caused by flea infestation. Minimum treatment interval is 4 weeks. Can be used for pregnant and lactating dogs as well as pregnant cats. Contraindications: Do not use for dogs under 8 weeks and/or 2 kilos, cats under 8 weeks and/or 1 kilo and ferrets younger than 6 months. Should not be used on sick or debilitated animals. Do not use in rabbits. The preparation for dogs should not be used for cats/ferrets, as this can lead to overdose. Should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the active substances or to one or more of the excipients. Method of administration: For external use. Dosage: For dogs: 1 pipette of 0.67 ml from 2-10 kg; 1 pipette of 1.34 ml from 10-20 kg; 1 pipette of 2.68 ml from 20-40 kg; 1 pipette of 4.02 ml for dogs over 40 kg body weight. For cats and ferrets: 1 pipette of 0.5 ml. Other animals in the household should also be treated with a suitable product. ATTENTION There is a difference in the strengths of the product for dogs and for cats/ferrets. Side effects: Among the very rare side effects that have been observed after use are: Transient skin reactions at the application site (skin discoloration, local hair loss, itching, redness) as well as general itching and hair loss. Pronounced drooling, reversible nervous symptoms (increased sense of touch, depression, other nervous symptoms) as well as vomiting and symptoms from the respiratory tract have also been observed. If the animal licks the application site, profuse salivation may occur. Transient changes in the appearance of the coat at the application site may be seen (tangled/greasy coat). Precautions: Bathing within 2 days and more frequently than once a week after treatment should be avoided. With repeated shampoo baths, the duration of the effect is reduced. There is no data available regarding possibility of toxicity of the preparation in kittens younger than 8 weeks that are in contact with treated mother animals. Avoid animals licking the treatment site and animals licking each other after treatment. Treated animals should be handled with care until the treatment site is dry. Attachment of individual ticks may occur. Avoid the product coming into contact with the mouth and eyes. Wash hands after use. The preparation can cause irritation of mucous membranes, skin and eyes. Animals or people with known hypersensitivity to insecticides or alcohol should avoid contact with the product. Also see instructions for use on the packaging. Packages: Box of 3 or 6 pipettes: 0.5 ml, 0.67 ml, 1.34 ml, 2.68 ml and 4.02 ml. Release V. The current price can be found at Read the package leaflet for more information. Based on summary of product 2019-09. Marketing authorization holder: Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Nordics. The mandatory text is abbreviated in relation to the product summary approved by the Danish Medicines Agency.