Nina Ottosson Dog Twister

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Here it starts to get difficult, and the dog has to work to find his way to the treats. The dog must pull out the white handle to be able to push the lid over the treats aside. It doesn't come easily to the treats here.

Our range of activity toys is not just about activating the dog, but also about challenging and stimulating it. For a well-stimulated dog is a happy dog. There are different degrees of difficulty, so you can choose the toy that suits you best when it comes to activating your dog.

They are divided as follows:

Difficulty level 1 : Here your dog has to push a door aside to get the treat. If your dog has not tried activity toys before, we recommend that you start with toys of this level of difficulty.

Difficulty level 2 : Here your dog has to go through two challenges that have to be pushed aside to get to the treat. If your dog has shown that it can master difficulty level 1, you can try to challenge it with this level, which requires a little more effort.

Difficulty level 3 : A bigger challenge. Here, the dog must go through at least three steps to get hold of the treats. It is for intelligent dogs because the high level of difficulty is quite demanding.

Difficulty level 4 : The ultimate challenge. Here, the dog must turn, push and lock the toy to unlock the treats in the 28 hidden rooms in the activity toy - Multipuzzle .

It is both fun and educational for the dog to have to work for his treats. The dog is well entertained while trying to solve the challenge, and the brain exercise also has the effect of tiring the dog. An active and well-stimulated dog is often a happy dog. Always remember to observe the dog when it plays with activity toys.